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The GASCalc Web Application is provided as a courtesy to any person who may access it, under the terms and conditions described herein, which may be amended at any time, at the Developer’s sole discretion.


The following definitions shall apply to these Terms Of Use:

             Agreement shall mean this document;

             Developer shall mean B3PE LLC;


Software shall mean this application (the GASCalc Web Application), documentation, and any associated options, enhancements, or supplements;


Subscription shall mean a license to Use the Software for a certain time period, for one registered User;


Use (of the Software) shall mean reviewing the Software documentation, performing a calculation using the Software, or referencing any calculation method, data item, or result, not previously known to the User, as result of accessing or viewing the Software.


User shall mean the individual or organization accessing the Software, the individual or organization employing the persons to be using the Software, the individual or organization otherwise responsible for the administration of the use of the Software, or any affiliate thereof.

Terms of Use:

By accessing the Software, the User consents and agrees to the terms of this Agreement. If the User does not agree to the terms of this Agreement, the User is not obligated, authorized, nor permitted to access or Use the Software.

By Use of the Software, the User consents and agrees to accept full responsibility for the use of the Software including: interpretations, conclusions, or decisions based on any results derived from the Software; any claims resulting from the use, accidental misuse, or intentional misuse of the Software by the User.

The Developer neither assumes nor incurs any explicit or implied responsibility or liability for conclusions or decisions made by the User based on values produced or derived from the Software, and makes no warranty or claim as to the fitness for use of the Software for any specific purpose other than those described and referenced in the accompanying documentation.

The Software is not sold, it is provided on a timed limited subscription basis, gratis as a courtesy to the User. The User is required to renew the Subscription from time to time. One Subscription provides authority for one registered User to access the Software and certain technical support.

Ownership of the Software, documentation, and any and all associated intellectual property and rights, remain with the Developer.

Certain User information will be collected and stored by the Developer. By use of the Subscription, the User consents to the Developer’s use of this information for the purpose of verifying and maintaining the Subscription, and for providing certain communications and notices to the User.

Updates and upgrades to, and maintenance of the Software, may or may not be provided at the Developer’s sole discretion.

Technical support for the Use of the Software, as provided by the Subscription, shall be limited to communication by way of telephone or email correspondence, and may or may not be provided at the Developer’s sole discretion.

No Warranty:

The Software is provided “as is”, “with all faults”, “as available”, and without warranties of any kind. Use of the Software is at the User’s own risk. The Developer does not warrant that the Software is secure, error free, complete, accurate, that its methods or results are correct, except to the extent that if a method used by the Software is derived from a reference which provides benchmark data and results, best efforts have been made to ensure that the Software results reasonably match the documented benchmarked results.


This Agreement shall complement and be considered a part of any other purchase or service agreement, concerning the Software, as may exist between the Developer and the User. Conflicts between adjacent agreements shall not affect or invalidate the non-conflicting parts of this Agreement.

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