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GASCalc API Pricing


The GASCalc™ API (Application Programming Interface) compliments the GASCalc software by allowing programmatic access to selected calculation routines and methods found in the software. The API allows the GASCalc routines to be embedded in third party or custom applications to create powerful solutions to serious calculation challenges.

The API is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) containing the gas properties, measurement, pipe flow, regulator, relief valve, and other calculation routines found in the desktop version of the GASCalc software. The DLL can be linked to a User created application or interface - allowing programmatic access to the various GASCalc calculation routines. The GASCalc API is compatible with any development environment that supports the use of dynamic link library's including .NET, VB Script, VBA, and others.

Pricing & Licensing - The API is provided as a subscription on a per module, per server basis. Discounts are available for multiple modules, multiple subscriptions, and complete package purchases. Click here to view pricing information. Contact us to purchase the software.

Maintenance & Updates - So long as the annual subscription fee is current, updates to the software are available at no additional charge. Technical support on the use of the software is provided by way of telephone or email communication at no additional fee.

The API is licensed on a module basis. The individual modules allow access to specific calculation methods and routines. The available modules are described in the following table:
Module Function Description Methods/Options...

Compressibility - Provides access to the compressibility factor and density calculations.
     • AGA NX19
     • AGA 8 - 1985
     • AGA 8 - 1992
     • AGA 8 - 2017
     • AGA 8 - 2017 - GERG 2008
     • GERG 88
     • GPA 2172-09
     • GPSA
     • ISO 6976 - 2016

Gas Loss - Provides access to the various routines associated with gas loss from a damaged pipe section.

Gas Properties - Provides access to various gas property calculations including Heating Value, Ideal and Real Specific Gravity, Ratio of Specific Heats, Dynamic/Absolute Viscosity, and Speed of Sound (non-AGA10) calculations.
     • AGA 8 - 1992
     • AGA 8 - 2017
     • AGA 8 - 2017 - GERG 2008
     • AGA 10 - 2003
     • GPA 2172-86
     • GPA 2172-09
     • GPSA
     • ISO 6976 - 2016

Meter - Provides access to various measurement related calculations including diaphragm, rotary, turbine, pulse, orifice, and vcone meter values, and various volume calculations.
     • AGA 3 - 1985
     • AGA 3 - 1992
     • AGA 3 - 2013
     • ISO - 5167
     • McCrometer

Pipe Flow - Provides access to various calculations associated with flow through a pipe segment including pipe flow and pressure drop, equivalent length, and velocity calculations. All GASCalc supported pipe flow equations are accessible.
     • Numerous Industry Equations

Regulator & Relief Valve - Provides access to various pressure and flow calculations for regulator and relief valve devices. Supports a variety of makes, models, and industry standards.
     • API 520
     • ASME BPV
     • ISA S75.1
     • Numerous Industry Equaitons

Sonic - Provides access to all speed of sound calculations.
     • AGA 8 - 2017
     • AGA 8 - 2017 - GERG 2008
     • AGA 10 - 2003
     • GPA

Support - Provides access to various support calculations including dimensional unit conversions, temperature conversions, atmospheric pressure, and average pressure calculations.
     • AGA - Measurement
     • Handbook of Chemistry & Physics
     • ISHM
     • NOAA - 1976

And many other industry, association, and manufacturer equations, methods, and recommendations.

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