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Our Products
  GASCalc™ - A suite of natural gas and compressible fluid design tools. Includes gas properties, measurement, pipe and equipment sizing, hydraulic, and stress calculation routines. More Information

GASCalc API - A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) providing programmatic access to the GASCalc calculation routines. More Information

GASCalc WebApp - Perform some of our most popular calculation routines from any device that can access the internet - including tablets and mobile devices. Click here to register, log on, and begin using a demonstration version of the application. More Information

GASPurge™ - A web based service that calculates various values associated with the purging and clearing of a natural gas pipeline. Developed in collaboration with and distributed under license of GTI. More Information

GASWorkS GASWorkS™ - Full featured affordable network modeling software for use in modeling and simulating a variety of natural gas and compressible fluid piping systems. More Information

GASWorkS UKDM - An optional GASWorkS module specifically developed to meet the design demands of the gas industry in the United Kingdom. More Information

StationManager StationManager™ - Regulator and relief valve station database and compliance manager with integral calculation functions. More Information

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Our Services
System Design—We provide system design services ranging from review only, to complete project designs. Using our sophisticated computer design tools, we can provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective design solutions for your new extension or renewal projects.
System Modeling—Using our computer modeling techniques we can identify potential problem areas, establish well-planned replacement programs, and establish operating criteria.
Custom Software—We can provide custom designed application and utility software to meet your specific needs.
Technical Document Review—We can perform a technical review for a variety of documents related to the natural gas industry. Click here to learn more about our technical document review services.
Training—We provide training courses on the use of our software products and on general system design topics. Courses can be held at our facility in Colorado Springs, CO or at your site. Click here to be added to our training notification list or to request additional information on our training services.
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Our Company
B3PE was founded in 2021 as the successor of Bradley B Bean PE. B3PE continues the legacy of providing high quality engineering and software services to the natural gas industry. We specialize in providing network modeling tools and services, particularly in the area of distribution system design and analysis. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to providing our customers with affordable engineering and software solutions. Our flagship product—GASWorkS—is a testament to that dedication.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products or services, or to order full versions of our software directly.

Providing Engineering and Software Services to the Natural Gas Industry Since 1992

Demo Software • Software Updates • Support/FAQ • Documents • Useful Links • Contact Us

Technical Services • Training • Join Newsletter • Application Portal

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